View Full Version : Hello, everybody. Just making introductions.

11-16-13, 01:36 pm
Hey guys. Just joined here. My names Desiree, I'm 19 and live near Springfield, MO. No piggies of my own just yet (had one a few years back but my mom made me give it away because she hates rodents--living on my own now). I am, however, hoping to get one soon. A friends mom is looking for a home for one of hers due to lack of time and such, and she's offered to bring it down for me. No details yet, but will definitely post when I do. Of course I'm planning to get a friend for it once I know the gender, etc. I've actually been searching for a bit now but haven't had any luck with craigslist or shelters, etc, so if anybody in the area knows where to get quality food and such, as well as where to keep an eye out for available piggies needing homes, that'd be great. Anyways, I'm extremely excited to get a new baby, my boyfriend is completely on board, and I've already discussed it with the landlord just to be safe. Any information would be greatly appreciated, and I'm so excited to meet you all!

11-16-13, 02:56 pm
Welcome to the forum!!! I recommend a c and c cage

11-16-13, 03:41 pm
Hi and Welcome! When you do get a piggy we will need to see some pigtures, we're crazy for pigtures around here!

11-16-13, 03:55 pm
Well it looks like I'm not getting one just yet after all. The woman I had talked to thought her neice wanted to find a good home for her piggie, but apparently once she found out she started throwing a fit, so I'm still on the lookout. So if anybody knows of good places in the area to adopt, definitely let me know.