View Full Version : Newbie From India With 2 Cuties

Aishwary Mehta
11-13-13, 10:49 pm
I'm From India (Indore). Bought 2 female guinea pigs. acc. to pet shop owner they are 3.5 months old.
Acc. to what i saw one looks pregnant (Mistake By Pet Owner :mad:). to clear my doubt i went to government vet hospital. he was also in doubt by seeing her size.
currently i bought 2 different cages of hamster and merge it to make it enough big that 2 of the guineas have place to roam. but planning for C&C cage but its too difficult to find it here in india will have to order online.
here in india its to rare to find guinea pig as pet.
i have done too many research about how to handle them but still a beginner.
will try to make them happy!!!