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11-12-13, 10:39 pm
I'm new to the forum and relatively new to guinea pigs. They have held me hostage to their every whim and wheek since July 2012 when my daughter bought her first one, Rosalina. We don't what kind she is, and we don't much care. She's just the most friendly, adorable, piggie in the herd. She comes out of her hut when she hears us walking down the hall, and wheeks for attention. Petunia came a couple of months later. We spent a couple of months visiting pet stores looking for a friend for Rosie who seemed to need a pal before finding the prettiest piggie ever who was in desperate need of TLC. She was clearly stressed. Patches of fur were missing, her ears and feet were flaky, peeling, and appeared to be very tender, and she was incredibly shy. She needed lots of love, and we have tons so we sort of rescued her. Unbeknownst to us she was pregnant. We walked on pins and needles afraid that she was past her prime for bearing babies, but all went well, and in Nov 2012 she brought four more babies into our home to love. Petunia is definitely the shyest and most mellow one of the bunch - she even runs and hides during floor time after a year of being in our home. She's very sweet though and never nips or bites.

We weren't expecting a herd of six so we ultimately adopted two of them out to friends who are great guinea slaves and kept a boy (Ratchet) and girl (Ginger.) Ratchet is hilarious. He's the clown of the group. He even has crazy, funny hair that goes every which way and these giant, bushy cheeks that look like mutton chop sideburns. A good fanny scratch or chin rub is about his favorite thing in the world. He's an adventurer and loves to popcorn too. He has almost no fear when it comes to jumping and made me hold my breath more than once while Ginger is just the opposite. She enjoys nothing more than to sit on your lap and lick your fingers while you pet her and rub her chin and neck. She's all sweetness and curiosity. She nibbles everything and pokes her nose into every corner.

They are all such characters and have amazing personalities.

We have three dogs as well. Two springer spaniels and what we think is a rat terrier/Australian cattle dog mix. All are wonderful additions to the family, and I can't imagine life without them.

11-12-13, 11:01 pm
Your piggies sound so adorable! Welcome to the forum and hopefully you'll learn a lot here :)

11-12-13, 11:10 pm
Welcome to the forum! Post some pigtures if you want, :)

I appreciate that you made the pregnancy as stress free as possible for Petunia. :)