View Full Version : Introducing Myself(:

11-11-13, 07:59 pm
Hi! I am new to Guinea Pig Cages(: I have had an account for a little bit, just never got time to use it, so I figured now would be a good time to introduce myself as an owner. My name is Katy and I have a girl guinea named Bambi! I got her from my local rescue a few months ago, I only got her because the rescue owner said she had put her in with many different guinea pigs but unfortunately Bambi didn't like the idea of having a "roommate" LOL! I have to say she is a bit spoiled haha! She currently has a nearly 8 sq ft cage all to herself, and she gets floor time everyday after I get home from school(: Not to mention she has all the toys, veggies, and hideaways a guinea could ever need! I look forward to having great memories with my girl!:D