View Full Version : New to the group looking for advice

11-09-13, 04:33 pm
Looking for some advice. I just got a guinea pig, Cookie, about 3 weeks. She came from a home with lots of guineas. I think about 4 altogether. I've read that they are very shy and timid and I have two young very eager kids ready to get to know her. She eats very well and seems to enjoy her cage. When I let her out to run around and play in the main living area she always goes right back to her cage. She's seems very content on not interacting with us much. Is that normal? Is she still adjusting to us? Is there a good/better way to get her to enjoy interacting with us more?

11-09-13, 05:20 pm
It can take time for piggies to warm up and find trust in you; give veggie treats in your lap. Also, there are some great youtube vids about 'taming' guinea pigs.

One of my three girls loves to be pet but squeals like we are killing her when we pick her up, another does not like to be touched in her cage but loves lap time, and our third one is our newest addition (been with us a month) and is just starting to come around.