View Full Version : Decided to go for a midnight stroll...

11-09-13, 11:20 am
Either that or he was trying to run away LOL! The rabbit scared the bejeebus out of my hubby last night. My husband was up sitting on the couch when he heard something moving through the house. He thought it was a mouse or something, so he jumps up to turn the light on and sees nothing. He then turns the light off and sits back down. Next thing I hear him freaking out that something "ran over my FOOT!!!!" That's when he looked again, realized the door to the rabbit cage was open and the rabbit was gone LOL! So either the rabbit had it in his head that he was going to try to give my husband a heart attack, was bored and wanted to go for a stroll, or ws trying for a jailbreak lol. Whichever it was, I now know that I have to double and triple check that his cage is latched. I guess I missed the lower clip last night when I went to bed and he managed to wiggle his way out. My husband is ok now, in case anyone was wondering LOL

11-09-13, 11:41 am
That is so funny! I can just picture that. lol

Are you using binder clips? I've used those too for my NIC cages. I'm sure they will work for your little bunny. (When they are all attached, lol!)

I used them for one rabbit without any problems and then got a french lop companion for her. On the 2nd night, the french lop forced his way through the binder clips. Imagine my fear when I came downstairs to see the bunny missing and knowing our Newfoundland was also downstairs. I searched in a panic, only to find the french lop snuggled up against our Newfoundland! They were both snoozing away.
(I use eyelet with clasping hooks now!)

I bet your husband won't want to admit to others that he freaked out when a rabbit ran across his foot! lol!

11-09-13, 11:46 am
He would lol. I thought he'd peed himself. The rabbit loves sniffing toes so I can just imagine. I was using binder clips. He's never tried to get out even when his door is open. He's getting braver so time to switch lol