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11-06-13, 02:58 pm
Tomorrow I am going to be bringing my rabbit to a kids classroom for 1st and 2nd graders. I was wondering what would be some important kind of simple facts to tell them. The rabbit will only be there for like 30 minutes and the kids will most likely only pet him so don't worry about him being hurt (trust me I take lots of precaution with my animals)it is also a small class I think about 5.

11-06-13, 03:23 pm
You should look that info up on http://rabbit.org/category/faq/
It has some good info. Maybe tell them there teeth never stop growing, so that is why they have to chew something.
Tell them that rabbits can pick up sounds from underground.

11-06-13, 03:30 pm
Yeah I have them I told them about how they can be good house rabbits and we have actually decided to print some pamphlets. That is a great link though thanks! I was actually reading that today with the person who set this up.

11-06-13, 07:45 pm
I would let them know that rabbits can't be kept in (store bought size) cages all day...that they need lots of exercise and like to run, hop and binky. They would probably like to know what "binky" means.
Perhaps you could even preface by asking if they think cats should be kept in a cage. When they say "no," you can then ask them why. From there you could make the analogy.

11-06-13, 10:16 pm
Thanks I made some pamphlets just little short things with some pics.
I am going to bring a couple different example toys and such things. I also got some books from the library that were kind of okay but I was reading them and some guinea pig books and it was so ridiculous how wrong some of these books were.

11-06-13, 11:25 pm
How to properly hold a rabbit ( holding front and back legs)
Rabbits do not need vitamin c like pigs do
Teeth are open rooted
rabbits should be neutered/spayed
Rabbits are social
Rabbits are not rodents

11-07-13, 02:58 pm
Thanks it went well i told them that they were lagomorphs which the teachers didn't even know about. I also told them about them not being able to b with other small animals like guinea pigs because one of the books said to do that. I think they quite liked them and one of them said he would actually love a rabbit he has been wanting a pet but since he lives in an apartment he can't have anything loud. I told him about some shelters I know of.

He had the time of the life with everyone petting him and he got ome apple. None of the kids were they got a little loud but it was fine because The rabbit is used to loud.:) He is actually going to visit an even smaller classroom tomorrow they are a little younger but I think he will be fine. I

11-07-13, 08:17 pm
Glad to hear it went well. Not sure if you are still looking for information tidbits. I have a common 'myths' section on my website about indoor rabbits that may be helpful.

11-08-13, 01:18 pm
I LOVE the fact that you're trying to educate them on proper rabbit care. I know a LOT of people who think they're meant to be kept outside in small rabbit hutches. Makes me sad. That's where my rabbit came from. He didn't know what to do with himself at first when he realized he could HOP from end to end of his cage and not touch both ends. He also is loving his free range time (he spends the nights in his cage, days out). I also think a lot of people neglect to read up on a proper rabbit diet. So many breeders only feed pellets to their rabbits. No hay or fresh veggies.

11-08-13, 03:28 pm
I am mostly doing this with special education kids but I felt so bad one was terrified of animals and crying but later came back and loved Mr.Speckles. Anyway the kids really seemed to like it even the teachers didn't realize. A couple realized they weren't taking proper care. One kid really loved the rabbit but I made sure to say how much work they are and told him to look up the house rabbit society. I talked bunch about hay and they loved seeing him munch on that and some vegetables.

I might be taking the guinea pigs at some point which I am a little worried. The teachers seem really to make sure the kids stay calm and the kids all seem to be really good so we will see how it will go. I am excited to be telling all proper information because I wish someone had told me when I was younger.