View Full Version : Sara, Sandy, Sophie and her three boys!

11-04-13, 08:57 pm
After taking in Sara, we decided to get her a friend. We adopted Sandy who had been abandoned, but..turns out they didn't get along. So, then we got a friend for Sandy, and that was Sophie. Two months later, Sophie had three baby boys! We watched her give birth which was insane. All three boys were born in April and were adopted together :) crazy first three months as a new owner! Went from having one pet to six pets! Now were back down to three and its the perfect number for us.

11-04-13, 09:01 pm
You're very lucky to have watched that!

Sophia Louise
11-04-13, 11:10 pm
Oh adorable! How very sweet!

11-05-13, 10:42 am
So cute! :)

11-05-13, 11:28 am
Omgosh their so cute and tiny

11-06-13, 04:48 pm
Wow! That's some story. And those babies -- talk about adorable. I'm glad to hear you are so happy with your piggy family after all the activity & changes. Your girls are just gorgeous. Now that things have settled some, how do you have them housed? I'm not sure who's who, but I'm thinking it may be Sophie -- the adult piggy in the last pic -- her little face is just fabulous. She has such perfect little features. And so expressive. :)

11-09-13, 04:12 pm
Yes we were very lucky, I heard most people don't get to! I was able to get a video too but it was so dark you can barely see anything in it, I didn't want to cause too much of a ruckus and put on the flash bc i heard there are often problems with birth and I wanted to keep her as calm as I could.

11-09-13, 04:17 pm
And yes! the one in the last picture is mama Sophie :-) sandys the teddy brown/gray one and Sara's the white and yellow. Sophie and sandy got along before the babies, but now all three don't get along and fight if they're in the same area, so we have a ten sq foot cage divided evenly in three sections. They love laying with each other and playing when the barriers up but go crazy as soon as we try to make it one big open space.

If you want to see more pictures I have a few albums on my personal page on here. I'm not really sure how everyone posts them publicly...new to forums.

11-09-13, 04:23 pm
Those photos are cute beyond words!

11-09-13, 05:13 pm
Love the pigtures!!

11-09-13, 05:18 pm
So cute. I love the X-ray!

11-09-13, 05:20 pm
Whoa! That XRay is crazy!!! Such cuties.

11-09-13, 05:36 pm
More pics here :-)

11-09-13, 05:40 pm
Thanks! The vet gave us the Xrays for free because she just wanted them for herself, haha. More pictures here :-)