View Full Version : Bob and Tom, the new new kids on the block

11-04-13, 06:59 pm
Hi all. I thought I would introduce myself since the forum suggested I do so after signing on. : )
We have two piggy boys, Bob and Tom, that we have had since August. Both barely under a year. The kiddo has been bugging us for some guinea pigs for about 4 years now. She's nearly 10, so we decided she is old enough to properly handle (with supervision) and clean the cage. Of course, we over see everything and make sure every one is safe and sound.

It's been quite fun having these boys around. I am used to having big dogs around the home. Unfortunately, two of our doggies passed away this year. With only one dog left, and our kitty, we decided we had the room for the boys. It has been pretty entertaining having them. The wheeking, popcorning. All completely adorable. They do what we call the "Indy 500' around their cage. Bedding goes flying, but they seem to have a good time.

So far their favorites are strawberries and carrots. They love their romaine, but certainly make a fuss for some carrots.

Not quite sure what else I should say about us...

11-04-13, 07:36 pm
Aww! They sound so cute. I'm glad you love your piggies! Many people neglect the happiness they can receive from guinea pigs! Welcome to the forum!