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09-04-05, 09:41 pm
It's only been a two weeks of complete non-meat/dairy/egg eating, but I have never felt so happy or just plain good in my life. I've been off beef and pork since I was 14 (I'm 23 now so it's been almost 10 years), but could never let go of the chicken.
Well, 3 weekends ago I went to a Dave Matthews Band show (at the Gorge, in Washington). One my friends was volunteering for Mercy for Animals and had pamplets and dvds she was handing out. I didn't read mine till that Tuesday. We had just gotten home from a long weekend of camping and living off chicken dogs, I had even had 2 regular hotdogs that weekend because the venue only took cash and for some reason both nights we only had 10 bucks, and the cheapest thing to eat was a 5 dollar hotdog. Anyway, we got back to our place, my husband jumped in the shower and I sat down.
And there in front of me was the pamplet I had been avoiding all weekend. So... I picked it up. Page one was mostly info, page two started in on the chickens. I had no idea what I was in for, I had tears in my eyes (I get them now thinking abou it), by page 3 I was completely converted. My husband came out at about that point and I looked at him, barely said "Baby... the chickens... it's so.. mean" and started bawling. I cried, I cried like a 7 year old girl!!!
Needless to say my husband threw away the DVD before I could get to it, it took me a week to read the rest of the pamplet, and my husband (without actuallly reading any of it, just trusting my reaction) has decided to join me on my vegetarian journey.
The first thing I thought of was this board. I don't post a lot, mostly because I'm not online alot, but I like to think my two guineas (Legolas and Gandolf) had a HUGE part in my convertion. I think about how much I love them, and how I've love them no matter what animal they were, I love them for them. So how in the world can I justify eating any living being? Let alone torturing and killing any being?
Ok, I'll get off my soap box!!!I am just really excited to have a place where I can find out all the info I need on my lovely piggies, and find whatever I might need to know about my new veggie lifestyle!

All smiles!!

09-04-05, 09:57 pm
Amen to that and super congratulations!

I have a short, about 4-sentence spiel I go into when someone tells me they don't eat meat, but they do eat chicken. It's pretty much the super-condensed version of what you saw.

Honestly, it's amazing to me how I now really abhor the taste of real chicken. For me, it's the easiest meat to give up.

Thank you so much for sharing. You brought tears to my eyes all over again. It's great to hear about other's success stories. It's also great your husband is so supportive :love:. You are lucky! :)

09-05-05, 03:39 am
Good for you , you go girl! I tried and failed, but shall try again. xxxxx

09-05-05, 07:38 pm
My pigs played a huge role, but it was much more indirect. Having my pigs made me realize how f***ed up the human world is, and that led me to stop eating animals. It didn't happen overnight for me, but without my pigs, it wouldn't have happened.

09-06-05, 08:53 am
Well done Angela-jane!! Good job!

My goal is to be vegetarian within 3 months. I'm already most of the way there - it's just the chicken. I don't eat straight chicken any more; it's just the chicken burgers and nuggets which I have to give up now. Shouldn't be too difficult - most of my meals are meat-free these days.

10-18-05, 02:49 pm
I just recently did a project about deviance in my sociology class. My topic was animal cruelty. When I googled it, I couldn't believe what I saw. It was an experience like angela's and as I read your story I found tears in my eyes. Now I'm looking into becoming veggitarian. I don't eat that much meat but I don't think I could eat any more meat without seeing what I saw all over again and feeling guilty. I just can't believe how cruel the human race can be. But then again, there are those that do stand up for what is right and Angela is so lucky to have such a supportive husband. Cherish him! Good luck to you all and I'm sure I'll be back with lots of questions.