View Full Version : Vegetarian/Vegan Gelatin

09-04-05, 05:45 pm
Due to the recent Emes Kosher Gel scandal which is still being hashed out, I'm looking for more gelatin options that are user friendly. I haven't gone the agar-agar route since it looks more laborious than the convenience of prepackaged veggie gelatins.

I just ordered a box full (like 20) boxes of Pangea's vegan option (Vegetarian Sweets Fruit Jel). It only comes in strawberry, cherry, and raspberry. I use it mainly for occasional marshmellows, Jell-O cake, and Jell-O shots. Sometimes, I do make it plain for a sweet treat or drink it warm when I'm sick (which has been more than a year thanks to Airborne!). It's one of those pantry staples you can live without, but it's nice to have that option.

Hain Superfruits only come in raspberry, cherry, strawberry, and orange, I think. I have to have lemon and lime! Those are the best flavors for most drinks.

Does anyone have any other options?