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11-03-13, 05:53 pm
Hey all, thought I would come here to introduce ourselves, we are a family of 5, my DH and I and three girls. We have 3 cats, 1 dog and now have adopted 2 piggy's. First we had patches and kitty, we got them from a lady who found them at an auction. As she was leaving she noticed a bucket that had been left by someone, she found 4 cute very skinny guinea pigs so she took them home and fatten them up.
We brought two home with us.
After having them for 4 weeks kitty passed away. I had 3 kids and me crying.
We found out that the lady still had one left so we brought her home today and I think we will have some little ones soon, LOL
When she had found them they were all in one bucket together (3 females and 1 male)
My daughter named her Alex.

11-03-13, 05:55 pm
I wouldn't be LOL'ing about "having some little ones soon". It can cause a lot of stress on a female pig's body and in some cases the female and/or the babies don't make it through delivery.

11-03-13, 06:13 pm
I know, I am really nervous about it. We had a female give birth years ago, never knew she was even pregnant until one morning we woke and instead of one we had three running around. I am not sure if that is why kitty died, I thought she may have been pregnant also, but she was having a strange sound when she was breathing and before I could even get her to a vet she was gone.
The one on the right is kitty, on the left is our newest Alex. I don't have a picture of patches yet
The lady I got them from took this picture

11-03-13, 08:06 pm
well that was fast! She just gave birth to two baby's. Mom and baby's are doing good

11-03-13, 08:35 pm
Huh- good luck with the young'ins :)

11-03-13, 08:41 pm
That was quick. Get some pigtures when you can!

11-04-13, 06:27 am
She ended up having another one, so now we have 3, I am a bit nervous because mama just met us. I try to go near the cage and just talk to her, I have now started opening the cage and just petting mama while talking to her. The baby's are so adorable! We already have good homes for them.
We want to keep one as long as it is a female.

11-04-13, 07:12 am
Congrats! Again- good luck!

11-04-13, 08:44 am
The darker one seems to be struggling/weak

11-04-13, 11:17 am
awww adorable!!! =) welcome to you and the new babies!
I am not a piggy baby expert, maybe you could start a thread for the smaller/weaker one in the medical section on the forum to get advise. people here are awesome at helping each other and so many are very knowledgable about raising babies. I think what some do is syringe feed the runts every couple hours or so but I am not sure about the actual type of food/supplement and amount per feeding.
I would really encourage you to start a med thread for the baby in the respective part of the forum!

11-04-13, 11:45 pm
A-d-o-r-a-b-l-e!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Love em'! Want em'!