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11-02-13, 08:28 pm
Hi first time having guinea pigs . Just got 2 they are about 2 yrs old. Need help on getting started . Will post pics in a little while. Thanks Sherry

11-02-13, 08:35 pm
Hey! Welcome to the forum! here is something yo get you started. :) Read this, and it will tell you lot about what you should know about piggerts!


11-02-13, 08:53 pm
Hello and welcome.

What kinds of things would you like to have some help with. You give an idea of things you want to know, and I am sure that anyone around here will be happy to give you some helpful advice

11-02-13, 09:02 pm
For staters they r in a guinea pig starter cage from pet store how big of one do we need to get for the 2 of them?

11-02-13, 09:29 pm
The cages from the pet stores are really small. Guinea pigs like to run, and popcorn all over the place, if you have two of them, a bigger cage is better, it will prevent any disputes. If you look at the "pictures" pages in this site, you will see TONS of cage ideas you can get for a really quite inexpensive price. I have a large C&C cage, you should look into those, you can customize them, and make them any shape really and make them work in the space you have to build one.

here is a link to the photos in this site. Hopefully they will give you an idea of some different cage ideas.


We would looooove to see some pictures, they make the piggy world go round lol.

11-03-13, 08:44 am
Welcome, tntrouble. Click on the Main tab at the top of this page, and you'll find information about the recommended sizes of cages for guinea pigs. No pet store cage is really large enough for one pig, much less two. And if your two are males, they'll need even more room.