View Full Version : Casper and Alyssa

Alyssa Wolf
11-02-13, 01:39 pm

Casper is about 1, I am 22 and in my final year of college. When I graduate I will be working in the profession of Social Work. I adopted Casper on August 14th 2013 form the local Petco. He has been very happy and spoiled ever since! He does have his own Facebook page with over 100 followers! He loves dressing up and having his photo taken!

Here is a link to his page:


11-02-13, 04:18 pm
Oh my gosh he's so cute!

11-02-13, 04:34 pm
Casper's really photogenic!

Alyssa Wolf
11-02-13, 07:52 pm
Thanks! He really is! My phone case has little nibbles on it from when we first started with the camera but he now strikes a pose when he sees it!

11-06-13, 12:12 am
Casper has a fantastic smile & the most adorable little piggy lips! What a cutie. :D

11-06-13, 12:19 am
What a beautiful face. Lucky piggy. Mine get a flash from the camera and they are gone.
Welcome. You have a beautiful face too.