View Full Version : Long overdue intro

11-01-13, 10:37 pm
I've actually been on this forum and posting for a bit, but never came here to introduce myself. I was mostly seeking info in preparation for getting a pair of piggies.

I finally started to gather materials to build a 4x2 c&c complete with home-made piggy bedspreads, etc., but haven't completed anything.

I've also been browsing a nearby rescue and also have been checking craig'slist. Well today I checked out a pair of 1.5 year old girl piggies who needed a new home. The little girl/owner apparently had lost interest in them. They were so sweet and beautiful that I brought them home even though the cage isn't close to ready. Here they are in their old cage...
They are just the colors I was leaning towards, are female as I was hoping for, and they are not shy and seem quite lovable.
I'll have my work cut out for me this weekend trying to get things ready!

11-01-13, 10:56 pm
They are beautiful! I love their colors. I now pronounce you friends forever. I am new also. I will work on my intro soon.

11-02-13, 11:28 am
Hi, and I want to give you a belated welcome to he forum! Your pigs are SO pretty. Love em'!