View Full Version : Cage How can piggies get out on their own when scared? And potty in cage only-not carpet?

10-31-13, 02:28 pm
We have this cage for two of our girls to live in but they can't seem to get out on their own and won't use the ramps that came with it. Any suggestions on how they would be able to get out on their own? Ideas to build something they will use or other products out there they'd use to get out. Also, these babies from not being out on their own will at times still poo on the floor and this past weekend when cleaning one of them peed too - how can we train them to not do that on the carpet if they can't get out to be trained to go IN their cage to use the potty.


We don't want to buy a new cage!


We also have this for our older girl and she goes in and out on her own all the time (we keep her door open most of the time) so she comes and goes on her own and will check out the newest pets. (We tried to put her in with the babies or have them interact, but she gets quite upset - hair ruffled on her neck, teeth chattering, walking extremely slow and wiggling her bottom - she in essence freaks out. )

This is our single guinea pigs cage. http://www.amazon.com/Super-Pet-Pet-n-Play-Habitat-Rabbits/dp/B00494NAG4

10-31-13, 02:51 pm
They can get out. They just scared. Put something over the ramps and out of the cage, like upside down boxes with holes in the ends. They need protection from the eagles flying around in your house! Put food along the path so they'll have something to entice them to come out.

You can't litter train them. They may or may not find a particular place to go. If they do, put a litter pan there, otherwise just put something over the carpet.

And if you're going to introduce them, be sure to read these two articles first, otherwise you're just setting them up for a fight: www.cavyspirit.com/sociallife.htm and http://guinea-pigs.livejournal.com/3002707.html.

I hate to be the one to break the news to you, but neither of those cages is large enough. Your best bet would be to expand their cage area with grids (see the photo galleries on this site) and use those cages as kitchen areas. The Main tab at the top of this page has the recommended cage sizes for whatever number of pigs you have.

10-31-13, 03:14 pm
According to everything I've read they were the perfect sizes. The single guinea pig (Mocha) can run around on the carpet any time she wants to and so has plenty of exercise room - no need to make her cage bigger if she can do that.

We tried everything we've been able to to try to get Mocha to like the two babies (Katniss & Prim) but it has to be only on Mocha's terms. When cleaning Mocha's cage (oldest) she'll go inspect the littlest two's cage and be curious. But when she's caged while we cleaning the other two's cage and they go around her cage to become curious - its then she gets quite upset. Nothing so far that is listed on those pages has worked with her being ok with the others. We had her for about 8 months before we got the two little ones so from what our vet told us....she just became to dominant to be able to live caged with another. We tried for a long time for her to like the two babies and tried things multiple times too.

Mocha became cage trained on her own in a way. If she'd poo outside the cage (she never peed outside her cage even as a baby) we wouldn't give treats or lettuces or veggies for a day or two and she learned to go in when she'd have to potty. She still will - if she's out running she'll make a beeline for her cage and we'll see her poo and/or pee and then out she'll come again. The only thing with her is she's never liked to be picked up (even as a baby) - we can pet her somewhat and can really pet her if she's eating veggies or lettuces. She'll even crawl up on us when eating something like that. But to pick her up she RUNS!

The babies we've tried everything to get them to come out and they don't mind being picked up but won't come out of their cages on their own. Also, they will only eat treats when INside their cages, not even when out running around for exercise! I can't do the grids in my house and won't do the fleece (yuck). We use the Kaytee bedding (plain white, no scent) and it works good for us. We just need to find a way that the two youngest girls can come out on their own!

10-31-13, 03:22 pm
The common grid wall thing won't work too because Mocha will try to bite at the babies noses or feet when at their cage. Mocha does everything listed in "posturing for possible attack" when they are out on the floor together - even after their cages were next to each other for weeks.

As far as the bathing thing. We've never tried that with any of them. Mocha would freak I think just trying to pick her up to clip her nails is a battle enough. The babies, well I don't know how they'd take that, but they don't seem to need it and keep themselves very clean on their own.

10-31-13, 03:43 pm
Have you try putting them together in a neutral area (none of the pigs have been to)?

10-31-13, 03:54 pm
Yes, we tried in our family room. Right now the piggies cages are set up next to each other in the front room/computer room of our house we all spend time in. But to try to introduce them we've done it in the family room area. We tried this multiple days for weeks in a row before consulting with a vet and when we were told Mocha might just be too old or resistant to rooming with the other two we gave up. It'd be so much nicer to have them all in one cage and/or to even be able to clean both cages at the same time, but it doesn't seem like its meant to be for her.

I feel bad now that we've learned more about guinea pigs that we should have gotten her a companion earlier or when we got her, but we just didn't have the extra money for feeding two, bigger cage, more bedding and etc.