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01-31-02, 11:36 am
What is it that Baking soda does in the cage? Is it safe? How much does one use? I have a 3x2 coroplast cage. Please let me know. Anything that can help with smell would be great! I currently use newpaper bed with Aspen (1")


01-31-02, 01:51 pm
How many pigs do you have? I don't have a problem with smell. How often do you change your cage?


02-04-02, 09:17 am
I have two guys. I spot clean daily, and full change every Saturday morning (without fail). Does Baking Soda work? How much should I use?

02-04-02, 01:16 pm
I don't know. I really have never used it. I have a couple more questions. How thick is your bedding? What kind of bedding do you use? I'm just surprised you are having...*dawning on Miriam*...ohhhhhh.

I bet it is b/c you have two guys. Sometimes male piggies can give off an odor that is related to their glands. I'm not really sure what that smell is like, as my male piggie has never done it. But I have heard stories of how stinkie it can get and that it is a very distinct odor.

You might try posting in cavy madness (link at top of forum page) about this. Someone might be able to give you some helpful information about how to deal with this. I wish I could have been of more help...I honestly don't know if baking soda will work. If it is the guys marking their territory and such, then I doubt it will. Anyway...I hope it gets better!


03-20-02, 09:34 pm
I have two guys. We have an odour free home for them. First, we put down lots of free recycled newspaper, then the bedding. Change the newspaper daily. Bedding when needed. The cage is sprayed with white vinegar and wiped down every day or two. About weekly, I scrub it with baking soda and then spray with vinegar to get rid of the residue. If it seems we might need to skip a day, I sprinkle 1-2 handfuls of soda under the newspaper. This cleaning regime takes about 10 minutes daily, is cheap and doesn't smell. Good luck!