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10-30-13, 03:43 pm
After much consideration and research, I've decided to go with a 3x3 for my two males. I'm sorry, but no, I can't go bigger, or longer. A 3x3 it has to be. But that will be fine for two really bonded males, correct?
My question is, what about coroplast? What size will I need?
Thanks in advance!

10-30-13, 03:53 pm
I have a 3x3 for my two boys, and I love it. In my opinion it's big enough, and in a way it's better than a 2x5 since it's wider. I made mine with a 4 foot by 4 foot piece of coroplast (half of a 4x8 piece) and have sides that are about 4 inches tall.

10-30-13, 03:57 pm
Oh, I'm glad to hear it is enough.
I was going to do 2x4 stacked, but I ended up not having enough room. And I can't have a 2x3 stacked unless I go without connectors, and just use zip ties. Besides, I'm now reading stacking doesn't matter as much.
For this 3x3 one level, would you use connectors and zip ties, or just connectors?

10-30-13, 04:00 pm
I used connectors just for the corners of the cage, and zip ties for everything else. I have two zip ties connecting each of the grids together (though my design is a little more complex since I have a lid made out of grids too).

10-30-13, 04:02 pm
So I read somewhere (I think) that you need a 4x8 coroplast for a 2x4 cage?
Is this true?
Also, what are the measurements of a 4x4?

10-30-13, 04:07 pm
If you wanted 6 inch walls, a 2x4 would require 40 inches by 68 inches, so 3 and a half feet by about 5 and a half. So it would take up a good portion of a 4x8 piece of coroplast. A 4x4 would need 68 inches by 68 inches of coroplast.

My 3x3 didn't take as much coroplast as the numbers would imply since my walls are only about 4 inches.

10-30-13, 04:38 pm
Good to know. I think I'll get the 4x8, and I can always add a loft or something.
(How would you do a loft on a 3x3?)

10-30-13, 05:19 pm
Definitely get a 4X8 sheet! There are many uses for the extra coroplast. I use mine to ziptie over the ends of bent grids to make hay racks.

10-30-13, 06:06 pm
My boys are in a 3x3 and they love it. It gives them a lot of space and it is easy to clean for me.

10-30-13, 07:28 pm
I just set it up, and I looooove it!
Great size: not too big for my room, and not too small for them.
They look like they're having a blast; thanks everyone!

10-31-13, 05:32 am
I'll be posting a pic this afternoon!
It looks amazing!

10-31-13, 05:50 am
Ooh! Can't wait to see it!