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10-29-13, 09:16 pm
Hey everyone. My name is Hannah and I live in North Carolina. I consider myself a guinea pig mom of three, although two have passed. Peeta was my short haired who passed on May of this year, Newt was an Abyssinian who passed this October, and my little Ace is my surviving guinea pig, who is a one and a half year old Abyssinian with a big heart and a mischievous side! I mainly joined this to talk about my recent loss of Newt (he passed away on October 28th from gastrointestinal stasis that took a turn for the worse), and I also have no guinea pig enthusiasts in my life, so I'd like to share my love of guinea pigs with everyone!
A little bit about myself is that I am an 18 year old freshman who plans to be an exotic (small animal) vet. I'd love for my future veterinarian practice to be a low-priced practice for people who cannot afford the expensive usual vet fees, especially in times of crisis, but this is only just my dream for now. I currently work as a grooming assistant at Petco, and I love it, although I'd like to be more focused on smaller animals. It's a great introduction to my entire future though! I am also a vegetarian and have been for three years now, and have never been more happy with this decision. Besides being an animal lover, I also enjoy the outdoors and love to bike ride in my free time. I also love to read and am extremely interested in criminal investigations and real-life crimes (investigation discovery channel is my favorite!).
Here's a picture of my babies! From left to right, it is Peeta, Ace, and Newt. Ace is my only living guinea pig now.

11-01-13, 10:42 am
Welcome! Sorry for your losses. The loss of a pet is a loss of a family member. )=
I love what you want to do with your future! There aren't enough exotic vets out there that know what they are doing or care.

11-01-13, 12:41 pm
Hi there! Wow, your pigs are cute! Sorry about the passings of Peeta and Newt.
I am 21 and am already in Vet school, hoping to be a large, small, and exotic vet. Vet school is so much fun! This is my first year. Welcome to the forum!