View Full Version : Cure for a matted coat?

10-24-13, 09:07 pm
The poor bunny I just adopted is matted. The lady I got him from said that he was really bad and she brushed him out the best she could. However, he still has mats that are really close to the skin. Can I cut them out carefully? Will his fur grow back if I do? I also noticed that he has white flakes in his coat. Is this like dandruff?

10-25-13, 09:08 pm
Can anyone tell me what to do with the mats? I'd hate to cut them out and the hair not grow back!

10-25-13, 10:24 pm
When I got my cat as a kitten he had mats everywhere- because his previous owner didn't take care of him, he was basically a feral kitten- (he's long haired) I would cut the mats out carefully a little bit at a time- because they were pulling at his skin and his hair grew back perfectly fine. I'm not sure about rabbits though. You can always go to a groomer, I'm sure they would take care of the mats, of course if you paid them!

10-25-13, 10:28 pm
Also to add to Linds, yes white flakes are dandruff. How to treat them if you want to? Sorry- no clue. My elderly kitty has dandruff that is gross when you rub her a lot, but otherwise I dont think it is worth it to buy like a shampoo or anything cuz she would HATE the bath.

10-26-13, 06:58 pm
Any advice on how to wash a rabbit? He has a bit of poo stuck to his butt.