View Full Version : C&C Dream guinea pig stuff

10-21-13, 10:21 pm
Hi guys so I thought today that I wanna know what your guys dream guinea pig stuff is! Like what is your dream size cage were would it be and how many piggies would u want! I would love to hear because I'm always thinking what if I had a bigger cage and stuff hah :) pictures are welcome. My dream cage is a 6 by 6 for my girls and 7 by 8 for my guys oh how much they would popcorn :D I would also want 5 girls and 3 boys and there cage would be in a spare bedroom not in mine! Oh and a washer and dryer for myself so I don't have to wait to do piggy laundry lol ;)

10-23-13, 10:36 am
I have a two 2x5's for my boar pairs, and the size is pretty great honestly! I plan on asking for fleece flippers for both cages for Christmas though! I want my original boys in a camo themed cage and my newer boys in a Flinstones themed cage!
So I'd love to have all fleece and matching accessories.

10-23-13, 05:30 pm
Oh I love those themes alot!!! :)