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04-08-02, 09:53 am
Hi all -

I'm a cavy slave to a Abyssian boar named Sam Wise GamGee (because he's short, furry, cute, my loyal companion, and I got him the day after I saw Lord of the Rings).

I live in the San Francisco Bay Area. In my research on the care of cavies, I recall seeing a posting about a store in the Bay Area that sells CareFresh for incredibly cheap - less than $10 for a 50 lb bag. Does anyone know of this store? If so, please let me know where it is so I can keep Sam in affordable housing (the only one in the Bay area)!

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04-08-02, 09:06 pm
It's Dean's Animal Feed in San Carlos. $8.10 for a 50 liter bag. They are a wholesaler. www.deansfeeds.com