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09-02-05, 06:37 pm
Hi!! :)
I'm new to the cavy world. I've read the pages here and all the info for a month or so and I've had my piggies for two weeks now. They are adjusting great and are adorable!!! They are trusting me more each day.
After trying another bedding for a few days, I decided to try fleece and it went great. I set it up last Saturday and there's still no odour at all.
I put a thick layer of newspapers between the coroplast and the fleece and a towel in between (where the piggies can't access). It works really well so far. I spot clean every day but it just takes me a few minutes, and it is always clean.
The fleece remains dry. I was planning to change it tomorrow anyway.
My question is that so far, to keep it cleaner, I usually have left (when I am not home) a sheet of newspaper over part of the fleece (the part where they eat,etc), to keep it better during all the hours I'm away. When I come home Ie just roll the newspaper and throw it away.
But I was wondering, is this safe for them? Those who use fleece, do you think it is safe? or I should just not use anything at all on the fleece? it's just a page , on one side, the side that gets more dirty.I do this especially when I'm working all day, and it keeps things cleaner for them, but I don't know if it is safe.

Thank you!!


My Baby Mu
09-02-05, 06:42 pm
If the newspaper has a soy based ink then it is fine. If you don't know go to the place that makes the newspaper and ask them.

09-02-05, 06:45 pm
Thank you! I'll find out.
the pigs don't chew on it much (just a little), but I'll find out to make sure it is safe.
Thank you

09-02-05, 07:48 pm
Black and white newsprint only. Colored inks may be harmful to piggers.