View Full Version : Mouth mouth smacking?

10-16-13, 07:58 pm
so the last couple of weeks i've noticed that every now and then Meeko (my guinea pig who seems to have the most problems) has been smacking her jaw around. It's almost like something is stuck or didn't taste right. I haven't seen her throw up or anything, i've been keeping an eye out for that. I've you've ever had to give one of your babies medicine and they fought it and it smacked their little mouths around like it tasted funny, that's the best picture i have of my baby doing this. I've also heard one or both of them making a coughing noise.. not sneezing. It could be related or not, but i thought i'd throw it in there just in case.

any thoughts?

10-16-13, 08:37 pm
I would hope you had never seen her throw up, as it is anatomically impossible for a guinea pig to truly throw up.

I would think it is something to do with her teeth, and if you are concerned, or she is also losing weight/having trouble eating then get her checked by a vet with experience in cavy dentistry.