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10-14-13, 07:39 pm
It's nice to meet you all. :o

I live in Kitchener Waterloo, On (Canada)
I've never had many pets growing up, a mouse, some fish but for a large part of my life i've had my cat named Harley. But now he lives with my dad so i'm now a proud guinea pig owner <3
My guinea pigs name is Molly. I'm brand new to all this but spent months ahead of time studying and preparing before i got her ^^
She's in a 2x3 C&C cage in my room on a nice table to keep her away from the chilly floor.
I plan to make a larger cage later on when i get Molly a piggle friend ^^ and add a kitchen to the new cage as well.

....I'm not sure what else to say here, haha.

Here's my molly
She's 6 weeks old ^^
Sorry it's not the greatest of pictures ^^ i'll upload more here as they come c:

10-14-13, 07:47 pm
Aww Molly is so cute almost like a tortoiseshell cat. Welcome to the forum though and congrats on the new member of your family.

10-14-13, 07:50 pm
Thanks ^u^
I love her fur color it's beautiful.

10-14-13, 08:22 pm
She's a real cutie. It's so nice to meet you and Molly.

10-14-13, 08:27 pm
She's adorable. Welcome!!

10-14-13, 08:28 pm
Thank you, both of you ^^