View Full Version : Hi from me and Mack

10-14-13, 01:22 pm
So I've recently become the owner of a lovely little Piggie called Mack, first I've ever owned.


He had been left at a pet store because he doesn't get on with other Piggies and they told me the story when my sister was buying a new bunny for my niece and I felt bad for him so brought him home. At the time it was still nice and warm out so we kept him in the hutch like the pet store told us to do so he didn't miss the bunny but since then he's been brought indoors. He's skittish and doesn't like being held but is slowly becoming used to me and letting me get close to him, today he ate a piece of carrot out of my hand so I claim that as my first win with him!

I know nothing about Guinea Pigs so when I got the cage I asked the pet shop people (different pet shop then I got him at) and at the moment am using hay in his cage though when I get paid I'm getting a bigger cage and fleeces for him. I love this site its given me so many ideas and answered a lot of my questions (before I even registered!) and hope that it is making me a good enough slave for my beautiful little boy Mack! I love him a lot already and hope that by being persistent (I read to him every night before I go to bed, talk to him when he's out and about and he seems to enjoy watching Doctor Who with me in his cage) he'll soon want to come out and be fussed a little as he does look lonely in his cage. He never makes a sound but again hopefully when he gets used to being in the house he'll open up a little.