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10-13-13, 10:00 pm

Guinea Pig Zone from Facebook told me to get my tuckus over here and sign up. :D So I'm here. A little late than never. I got my girl on Saturday from the Olympia Animal Services place. I went down there from Everett, Wa., which is like a 3 hour trip on the transit buses. I left here at 9, got t here at 2 and Princess Tribble was there waiting for me. She was listed by them on Petfinder. The last one of the brood of babies that had been surrendered to them, I think. She's only 6 month's old, but she's very adorable and still growing, I think. As you can see, she's an Abyssinian and, amazingly enough, that white collar doesn't go all the way around, Just that one half. :D
Right now, she's currently hiding in the back of the habitat I made for her.
At the shelter, when they brought her out, all the staff and women in the office went AWWWWW... I held her in my arms and she snuggled in, then lifted her nose and I touched it with mine. Aparently I was the only one she connected with and I said, "I'll take her, I have the adoption fee." I also got a carrier to bring her home in.. for free.
As for me? I'm a writer who suffers with PTSD *no, I'm not military*, high blood pressure, depression, and a few other things. My Therapist suggested I get a Companion/Therapy pet. Due to the arthritis in my knees and chronic back pain, I can't do the doggie thing, or the kitty thing.. so we bounced the idea around and settled on a Guinea Pig. Easy to care for, small enough to sit on my shoulder when I write, and I'm able to feed her mostly on my food stamps. Which is a good thing.
Anyways, I really hope to learn more about piggies as I read through the forums. PT and I thank you for having us. :D

10-13-13, 10:37 pm
Welcome! I just joined as well! Everyone here is really friendly and very helpful!lol

10-13-13, 10:41 pm
Welcome from another Washingtonian! She's sooo cute!!!

10-13-13, 11:35 pm
I posted her picture on the Guinea Pig Zone on FB and Princess Tribble has gotten over a 100 likes so far... I'm shocked... She's so cute and adorable. I just really want to snuggle her all day... but she exercises her Royal right to say when enough is enough. :D