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Momma pig
10-13-13, 04:24 pm
Hi I am a momma to an adorable female pig named Buttercup. I don't know how old she is because I rescued her from a pet store where the owners left her I her cage at the front door of the shop. There was a note explaining that the kids became allergic to her.
@i've had all types of pets but never a guinea pig and she was so docile when I first held her.
Love at first sight. She was in a small travel cage with pulp chips 2 dishes and a water bottle.
After reading the Internet articles about cage size and fleece I made the big change and she now acts do happy as if she is in a suite.
She loves being held on my lap. I am happy to be on this site to learn and share.

10-13-13, 04:33 pm
Oh I'm so glad you have a wonderful piggy companion! I also noticed that my pigs got much happier after I made the big C&C (what I like to refer to as the Piggy Manor house :P)
I hope this site can teach you lots about your new friend and you have a wonderful life together! :] You already sound like a great piggy mama!!