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10-12-13, 12:47 am
Hi all :)

My name is Bessie and my little guy is Freeman. My boyfriend named him after actor Morgan Freeman.. lol. Currently, he is my only guinea pig. We'll get him a buddy eventually but he seems really happy by himself. He lives in a 2x3 C&C cage and absolutely loves running around in it. I've only had him a week but I've absolutely fallen in love with him <3

I'm not entirely sure what type of guinea pig he is and not sure how old he is either. We bought him from a pet store and they said he was a few weeks old, but then on the paperwork his age was unknown.. but I think he's still pretty young.


10-12-13, 12:57 am
Welcome, he is adorable! You will find a ton of great info here, your pig will love you for joining this forum :)

10-12-13, 04:18 am
Welcome to the forum :)

He's gorgeous, I'm not to excellent at determining breeds, but he looks to be a self-golden.

10-12-13, 05:31 am
He is adorable and I love his name! Welcome to the forum!

10-12-13, 11:23 am
Welcome from another Seattle-ish member. Freeman is very handsome.

10-12-13, 05:26 pm
This is probably the nicest forum introduction I've had! :) Thanks you guys!