View Full Version : Cage Draw your dream cage!

10-11-13, 01:46 pm
Hello! This is a thread where you draw your dream cage! It can either be computer generated or hand drawn, but it must be done by you! I will enter my idea(s) soon.

When drawing, pretend money is no option, nor is time. Feel free to include number of pigs, breed of pigs, gender, and even names! Also feel free to include your cage accessories, toys, ect. It's not required, just a little something extra to make it super duper fun. :)

Im so excited to see what you all have done. I can't wait, and I know that at times everyone thinks about their dream cage(s). That reminds me, feel free to enter more than one!

And remember, have fun everyone!

10-11-13, 03:21 pm
Here's a dream cage I made!

Sorry the names are a little blurry. It goes in order respectively, Cristy, Shasta, Lillian, and sweets. The type of pigs is in the top right corner.