View Full Version : Cage Carefresh or hay in kitchen?

10-09-13, 11:19 pm
I have 2 kitchens for my girls. I'm using Carefresh right now. What do you guys use? Or do you just put a bunch of hay down on the floor of the kitchen??

10-10-13, 12:21 am
Hay is not absorbent. You need bedding under hay.

I use wood pellets.

10-10-13, 09:05 am
My girls are on fabric, but in the kitchen area where I feed them hay and lettuce, I put down a thick layer of newspaper. They love to pee in the hay, so that allows me to change it out really quickly when needed, since that's usually more than once a day thanks to Pee Queen Quinn. Sometimes I put a piece of cardboard down, too, if I have some on hand.