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10-08-13, 12:05 pm
I am new here, and was hoping that someone would be kind enough to give some advice (not sure if I'm in the right forum but owell). I am very much in a pickle. I have two brothers about 4 years old. Recently I learned that our apartment complex doesn't allow guinea pigs (we moved a couple months ago). Even though I am 99.99% positive that I had talked to them about this before I moved in and told them as much, I am still receiving a violation and have to remove my pigs by this weekend. I am quite devastated since we have had them since they were babies...and I'm terrified that we won't find a suitable home for them in time since they are older. At the same time I don't want to give them up, but I also don't want another violation. I live with my fiancÚ and we are more than likely going to need to rent again in the future. It's also a little irritating since I can hear that our neighbors also have guinea pigs...I just don't know what to do, or if there is an adequate process to find them a new home in time :(

attached is is a picture of one of my boys, Bowser. Still looking for a good one of Boo

10-08-13, 12:09 pm
Talk to them again. Tell them they are in a cage, they don't roam around the apt (even if they do, it's not like they are going to check to see). Offer to pay a pet deposit. It's pretty silly imo to say no to gps but I think if you say what I wrote, it should do the trick- especially pet deposit. Otherwise I'd be very curious as to what the reason is.

10-08-13, 01:07 pm
What does your lease agreement specifically say about pets? How did they know you have the guinea pigs, and why is the neighbor not in the same pickle? And what "violation" did they give you - did they serve you with "Five Day Notice to Quit" (which is the formal doc, assuming you are in the US, to notify a tenant of a lease violation), or did they simply give you a letter saying you need to get rid of them?

Try to talk to them, if they are reasonable. They may well be happy with a pet deposit (but get everything in writing!). Otherwise, look for a tenant advocacy group in your area that can look at your lease, at the notice from your landlord, and that can give you advice on where you actually stand. Getting advice from them is typically free. You have a bit of time, so don't just give your piggies away so quickly.

There may also be a rescue organization in your area that can get you in touch with a foster that may be able to keep your pigs through the end of your lease for you.