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10-08-13, 09:20 am
I just registered to be able to ask this forum for help! There is a craigslist ad in my area that has a dirty sad piggy in a aquarium. No hay, they have a ball? And no pigloo or hidey and she is walking in a carpet of her own poop. If I rescue him, will he ever come around if he isn't socialized and be a good pet for us? I have younger kids. 6 and 8 and they would love to have him. I would do all the care, but I wonder if the socialization part would be hard? Since it seems to be neglected. It is quite small but they couldn't tell me how old it is. My heart is just breaking!

That is the ad. Advice please would be so welcome! Any experts that can tell possible age please feel free.

10-08-13, 09:41 am
Poor pig! It looks like they used cedar bedding too :( s/he shouldn't have any problems with socializing with people, but you would need to get him/her a friend and a cage (preferrably a C&C). Welcome to the forum! :)

10-08-13, 10:27 am
Something that helps with socialization is food. Trying to hand feed veggies or pieces of fruit will help your pig warm up. I'm glad you're thinking of rescuing the little guy! Do try to find a friend for him (a little ways down is where introductions are: http://www.cavyspirit.com/sociallife.htm). Also, guineapigcages.com and guineapigmarket.com have excellent supplies and excellent customer service! Welcome to the forum, and good luck!

10-09-13, 06:14 pm
I'm so sad. The owner says it isn't his pig. It's his sisters. And he can't meet me tomorrow during the day because he works late. I really would love to rescue him. They don't seem willing to meet me halfway. It's 50 miles round trip if I go to them if they meet me. They don't seem too agreeable.

10-11-13, 02:53 am
So... if the drink bottle is outside his cage... how does he drink..? Argh >( Poor little guy.

I definitely don't think socialisation will be a problem, but it will take a few months before he learns to fully trust you. Even really neglected guinea pigs will come around, especially if you give them vege treats each time you hold them or have them on your lap... they'll soon figure out how delicious cuddles and lap time can be !

One thing you may have to worry about though, is the immediate vet needs of this poor creature. He might have overgrown teeth due to lack of hay and require tooth trimming at the vet, he might be injured in some way from being put into the ball, etc. So he could end up being quite expensive right away. If that's a bit too much financially & time-wise for what you were planning, you might like to consider getting him and then taking him to a shelter who will make sure he is in good health before being adopted out. You could then get a guinea pig for your family, again, from a rescue, as they are usually ensured to be quite healthy before they're put up for adoption. Keep us updated! :)