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10-04-13, 08:29 pm
So at dinner time this evening my neighbor called me crying begging me to take her granddaughter's guinea pig as she hates rodents. She knows I've had rats, mice, gerbels, rabbits, even a pig a long , long time ago. Any advice you could give me would be very welcome. She called at 5:30pm and brought it to my house by 6pm. She is supposedly a female and this is at least her third (and forever) home. "Her" name is Buddy? Whatever. How can I help her ease into her new home, tell if she's a girl, and what do you think about fleece?

10-04-13, 08:40 pm
Congreat on your new furbaby.. for bedding i use fleece, towel and newpaper. To sex you piggy check out http://www.cavyspirit.com/sexing.htm. did she at least give you a cage to use? if so how big is it.. Would love to see pigture of her.. Just let you have to to get used to her new place.. Make sure she has hay 24/7. veggie.. I'm not as expert on piggies but I do have 2 (Muffin and Cupcake)

10-04-13, 08:56 pm
Hi welcome to the forum :) guniea pigs are social animals so are happy in pairs or more so if it is an option for you to adopt another one from a shelter that would be awesome. Their personalities really shine when they have a friend and you won't feel so bad if you are not home as Buddy will have a buddy ;) If you do check out a shelter they will be able to determine if Buddy is female for you. Best of luck with her.

10-04-13, 08:58 pm
Welcome and congrats on your new piggy!

Double check the sex from the website provided above before getting her/him a cage mate. If you still need help deciding, post a picture here.

Give her some space to adjust to her new home. Some pigs come around within a day, some it can take weeks. Just go slow with her. Remember, a way to a piggies heart is food. Unlimited grass hay (no alfalfa!), 1/8 of a cup daily of good quality pellets (no color bits, fruit, nuts, seeds, etc.) Oxbow is the best brand to buy in stores. KMS Hayloft if you pick to buy online- they are the only pellet company that does not use Limestone as their calcium, as Limestone can cause calcium issues in their urine.

At least a cup of veggies per day once you built her system up.
Start with green peppers. Dice them up thinly and put over pellets if she doesn't like them at first. Once she is eating that well, start red or green leaf lettuce. Go slow adding veggies as too much too soon can cause loose stool. Peppers and lettuce should be a staple in every pigs daily diet.

I highly recommend either buying a C&C Cage on this site or building your own. It is much cheaper making your own. You will see her perk up very fast in a nice roomy cage. It is also the BEST seeing a pig popcorn and do laps. :) Fleece is amazing as bedding. It doesn't work well in store bought cages, however. The cages are just too small that you would have to clean it every single day. There are a ton of threads on this forum about fleece.