View Full Version : Ferret Kingdom Cage. Can bar spacing be fixed?

10-02-13, 02:56 pm
I got a ferret kingdom cage for free. I know the bar spacing is too big (7/8 inch) but I would like to make this cage work. I plan on getting two female rats young, I know they could escape out of it so is there anything I can do to escape proof the cage before I get the rats? I have another cage I can keep them in til they get bigger but I don't want them to have to stay in it forever because it is a lot smaller.

10-02-13, 03:03 pm
Somebody may correct me but what about hardware mesh I know some people do it for hamsters but I believe it would work fine for rats.

10-02-13, 03:18 pm
good idea ill try that. I just dont want a couple rats running free in my apartment haha

10-02-13, 04:03 pm
I agree with the hardware mesh. I did that when my rats were tiny. Those little critters can just almost fold themselves in half and squeeze out of the smallest spaces. A funny story when I just started with rat ownership, I had only had the rat a couple days and I was sitting on the couch with it, trying to hand tame it, when she suddenly jumped off my lap and ran under the couch and somehow she found a tiny little hole in the fabric and squeezed up into the bottom of the couch. We spent two hours trying to coax her out. She just kept running back and forth between the springs. Finally in desperation we had to cut the fabric and grab her. We repaired the couch and never let a young rat loose like that again. My husband made a rat playground using the item called "The Great Wall" he made a lid for it and from that day on the ratties go into their playground for their floor time. It works great. They're safe and our furniture is safe too.

Have a wonderful time with your new ratties. They are such a joy to own.

10-02-13, 05:00 pm
The wire mesh may only be necessary when you first get them, none of my girls, even when they were young have ever tried to escape from my ferret nation cage. When I open the front doors, they will stick their heads outside of the cage and wobble about, too unsure to do much more than stick their noses over the side. Obviously you'll have to judge just how adventurous your rats are going to be. Also wire mesh can get pretty stinky after awhile, so make sure that when you're applying it that you can remove it fairly easily.

10-03-13, 08:51 am
Chicken wire is always another good wire to use.

10-03-13, 09:28 am
I've seen powder-coated wire mesh recommended as well (which helps protect it from starting to smell). Unfortunately, it also seems to be kind of hard to find.