View Full Version : Waterproofing a Midwest cage!

09-30-13, 07:38 pm
I was somewhat roped into getting a guinea pig for my preschool classroom. While when I had guinea pigs before I made a CC cage, my boss was a bit ehhhh about the whole thing and I decided a Midwest brand cage would be ideal for me and my classroom.

I am buying all of this myself (even though it was supposed to be a 'schoolowned' guinea pig-go figure). I bought the midwest cage and my only iffy part is the canvas bottom. How well does it clean?

I am thinking and asking if I could use that new Rustoleum 'Never Wet' ( http://www.rustoleum.com/en/product-catalog/industrial-brands/neverwet/spray-kit/275185-spray-kit ) as a treatment for the canvas bottom of this cage? I know it is supposed to be waterproof but I would think this would make it really easy to clean.

10-03-13, 03:51 am
If you're buying it all yourself, surely you're justified in deciding to spend your own money on a c&c cage? Are you also expected to pay for vet care, which can get pretty pricey? Try to get a written agreement of exactly what you, and what the preschool is responsible for. Otherwise things could get complicated further down the track, for example, if the gp was to get sick suddenly.

It doesn't sound like this guinea pig was a very mutual agreement, either. If the guinea pig lives for 7 years (and some do), would it really be well cared for the whole of its life? Bearing in mind that its care & cleaning would be entirely up to you, as the teacher? I feel like it would be unfair to bring an animal into a situation where it wasn't really wanted :/ Can you convince your boss to go with fish instead?

Anyway, those concerns aside-

When I was shopping around for cages, the impression I got was that people used towels and fleece on top of the canvas, and changed/cleaned those on a regular basis. But I can't see why a canvas wouldn't do the job just as well, except that the pee would remain in puddles around the cage, instead of being soaked through fleece into towels.

I'm not sure about the NeverWet, as I can't find any ingredients list for it. You have to consider that guinea pigs will happily eat hay, poop, and any other food off of the canvas, so will likely end up ingesting some of whatever is in NeverWet. I would test out the canvas as-is first to see if it is waterproof. You might not even need any additional water repellent.

Best of luck with it all :)

11-24-13, 09:22 pm
I'm going to have to agree with piggy, class room pets seem to be switched off, not taken care of. But to answer your question...

Could you just buy some coroplast, measure it out, then cut it and make a base? I'm pretty sure a read somewhere that the sides are 2'' high.

12-01-13, 01:57 pm
Don't worry guys- It's not that I didn't want a piggie for my classroom- I love them and I understand the care for them- which is why I knew when I agreed to take her that she would end up being my responsibility. I have no problem spending my money on her- just sucks that I don't get the help I was promised.

Anyway- I am thinking about getting a peice of coroplast. I am just hoping I can find smaller peices of it. The one place I can get it here is like a 8ft sheet and I have nowwhere to put that!