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03-20-02, 07:18 am
I'm going to give the carefresh/pine solution a try. I ordered the carefresh from ferretstore.com (was already getting some more houses, since shipping was free anyway, same cost as at petstore, AND I would be supporting a great cause, I thought "what the hay!"). I already have the pine...I can't wait. I really hope this is my solution...hubby didn't seem too thrilled about towels. (Never gave them a try...didn't get that far.)

Anyway, when I mentioned the carefresh/pine solution, he brought up the very good point about it mixing. Is this a problem? My pigs aren't really doing well in the pine (I think they are allergic) so I'm pretty desperate. I've gone back to Aspen for the moment, but my dad won't visit if I'm using Aspen...so on and so forth. I guess I'll find out as soon as I get the carefresh!!

Sorry about the rambling... :) Thanks for the info!


03-20-02, 10:03 am
Doesn't mix much at all. I think the key is to tamp it down. We've always done that from day one on our cages. We take the dust pan and just tamp it down a bit (not hard) after the bedding is spread out. Definitely keep us posted on how it works for you.

03-20-02, 10:23 am
Will do! :) I'm looking forward to trying it. I wish I could go all carefresh...I just can't afford $20 a week on bedding. But I can probably do $10, so if the bag can last two changings, my husband might just go for it. (Ha...he's out of town right now for about another month...so he can't have much of a say right now! :D )


04-24-02, 08:48 am
Well, I tried it. It is amazing to me that the carefresh really doesn't mix up with the pine all that much. I think the thing I like the most, is that when I pick up my long hair piggie, half the shaving DON'T come with him! (He appreciates it too! He never cared much for being brushed off!) Also, the coughing/sneezing has drastically decreased. There is still some coughing...but it is more of a "have something caught in my throat" type of deal (I think). I've heard it only once...I'm hoping I have not started tuning it out. Yikes! <img src=http://www.ezboard.com/intl/aenglish/images/emoticons/embarassed.gif ALT=":o"> ) I think this solution is going to work though.

I've had it for about two weeks, and I think I still have enough carefresh for another couple weeks (I believe? I didn't look closely at the bag last cage change...and hubby dumped in the carefresh so it may be just one more week). It is less expensive then Aspen (about $7 a wk here), so I think my husband will be willing to use it on a permanent basis. Yeah! Thanks Teresa!


04-24-02, 12:10 pm
That's great. Help spread the word about it. I really think it's a great all around solution. Now that I've found big bales of Aspen shavings, I'm using that instead of pine, but still putting the CareFresh over the top. :)

04-28-02, 06:10 pm
Where have you found big bales of Aspen?

05-03-02, 08:00 am
Cheap aspen, cheap carefresh:


San Carlos, CA