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05-22-02, 06:58 am
I use a combination of different bedding. I scatter 'Yesterday's News' in the corners and edge of my cage (that's where they tend to go). It controls urine odour amazingly!! It's worth a try. They are $11 CAD /30 lbs at Pet Smart. Then I use 'Carefresh' all around the cage for soft absorbant bedding. Then I scatter in a bit of pine bedding for...? ... I used to use it to hide odour and I thought it was good, but I'm veering away from it now. It's not neccessary anymore.
What do you use the pine stuff for? Should I leave some in?

05-27-02, 10:14 am
i put down newspaper to prevent rusting then put unscented kitty litter where they go to the bathroom then put down ceder or pine to control smell and a layer of aspen so the smell is not to strong and so the ceder wont turn their caots funny colers!

05-27-02, 01:42 pm
Please don't use Cedar bedding at all in any way. It is NOT healthy for your guinea pigs: www.cavycages.com/pine.htm (http://www.cavycages.com/pine.htm)

05-28-02, 05:47 am
we stopped cause missy keeps sneezing only when she is around ceder.