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09-23-13, 02:19 am
I spent a lot of time looking for a new cage for my guinea pig, Lola. I wanted to get a C&C cage but they seems to be quite expensive in England (or seem to be everywhere ive looked, including ebay!) I decided to buy a midwest cage as its was more affordable. I have read what people have said, there have been a lot of good comments about them, but a lot of bad too. Im just wondering what everyones experiences have been with midwest cages, are they actually any good?
I currently only have 1 guinea pig, but I'm going to get another in a couple of weeks which Im really excited about :) Im fully aware of quarantine period etc.
Thought id include a picture of my guinea too
55613 this is Lola :)

09-23-13, 02:49 am
midwest cages are the next best alternatives for a C&C or C&C-type cage :) remember that you can build such cages out of playpen grids or wire closet shelving too! 55614

09-23-13, 04:08 am
Oh wow, your cage is amazing! I love the lighting too, its looks so nice and cosy. Im hoping to build my own with grids and stuff when I move next year as my place now isnt the biggest so I dont have a great deal of space to make the cage I want. Hopefully the midwest one will be good enough until then. How many guinea pigs do you have? They must love living in there :)

09-23-13, 07:56 pm
I have midwest cages. They're okay, but I'd suggest placing them on a solid surface rather than carpet to make cleaning easier. I've added a coroplast layer in the base of the cage too. I have two pigs in each cage.

With a bit of creativity, you can expand them too - I've just expanded my girls' cage and am planning to start on the boys' cage tomorrow. They were happy enough, but I wanted to give them more playing space. I've been taking pictures as I go, I'll get them posted on here later this week. I might choose to add an upper layer later on too, though that's a project for a later date.

I'm a Brit who now lives in the US, so I know how tricky getting cubes and coroplast can be in the UK. I bought cubes in Argos years ago, and I'd check out B&Q for coroplast (or corrugated plastic as it's probably known back home).

09-23-13, 08:14 pm
I have a 2 x 4 c&c cage and a midwest cage. Big difference. Midwest is pretty flimsy. I just use it when I need to clean out her home otherwise get a c&c cage.

09-23-13, 08:45 pm
And I fall on the other side. I much prefer the Midwest over C&C. I find them easy to set up, move, rearrange, clean. I can even toss the liner into the wash machine if I want. I love them.

09-23-13, 09:43 pm
Try this: http://www.wayfair.co.uk/Safco-Wire-Cubes-in-Black-5279BL-SAF1061.html


09-25-13, 02:30 am
Well my midwest cage is getting delivered today, im quite excited :D I think im gonna have the midwest until I move next year to a bigger place then may consider getting a C&C cage when I have more space to be creative