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09-22-13, 02:48 pm
Hi there! My daughter and I are HUGE pet lovers, and about a month ago she talked me into getting her a guinea pig for her birthday. Normally, I prefer to research new pets and find out the best environment for them, food, etc., before bringing them home. We met this sweet guinea pig and instantly fell in love with her. I called my husband and got the OK, and my daughter and I brought the sweet-mannered calico "Honey" home with a cage the woman at the pet store (I know, I know!) assured me would be MORE than suitable. Of course, after the money was spent and the equipment was no longer "returnable", I got online and started reading. Not only did I learn that cavy's are social and should have companions, but also that our cage was too small! I'm nothing if not a responsible pet owner (I take this seriously!) so we went out, less than a week later, and purchased a second guinea pig (also from the pet store ... isn't that sort of a rescue?) and I began looking into making a C&C cage. Fast-forward about a month later, and here I am! Honey and Sugar live in a 2x4 C&C cage with fleece pads I have made. They receive lots of love, eat tons of leafy-greens and hay and popcorn all over the place! My daughter and I almost become giddy when the two get into their newly-cleaned cage and jump all around--so heartening to see happy animals. Ultimately, I am glad we went the route we did--I know it would have been better to have researched and THEN adopted some cavies, but then we wouldn't have the two we have now. They're precious!

09-22-13, 03:02 pm
Welcome to the forums! Your girls are so sweet! Depending on what cage you bought initially, you might be able to make it into a loft for them. I just did that for my boys, and I've seen other folks do it as well. There are good ideas in the photo section, specifically in the "alternative cages" album. :)

09-23-13, 04:14 am
I see buying them from pet shops as a rescue too, I always feel awful for them being stuck there when they deserve a loving home! Your guinea pigs are lovely, love the names too. You'll have to a post a picture of them in the cage, I always love seeing other peoples cages :) oh and welcome to the forum

09-23-13, 04:22 am
Hi there, welcome to the forum!

Buying from a pet shop isn't a rescue, because a pet shop will breed and breed and breed to meet demands; if you buy a pig, that gives the store another vacancy to fill, and the poor sows they back-breed are forced to breed again to fill the "slots". Not to mention the fact that pet shop pigs are prone to illnesses, that their breeders tend to kill off all of the deformed / "lethal" / sick / weak pups after birth without even giving them a chance at survival, and that there are a tonne of guinea pigs in shelters that need homes. I bought two pet store pigs out of ignorance and, having done my reading and research, I would never do it again. There's a lot of eye-opening and useful information on this topic - the "Kitchen" area in particular seems to get very heated and interesting!- so please check it out.

Having said all that, a big hearty welcome to you and the very cute duo you have acquired, and if you have any questions this forum is a great place to start! :)

09-23-13, 05:03 am
I just read the thread about it, thats awful :/ I always feel so bad for the guineas in there because the pet shops always have loads in a little cage. It makes me so sad :(

09-23-13, 05:22 am
It is horrible, I agree! That's why I don't purchase anything from pet stores and avoid them altogether- I source my food, toys, etc online. It's the best route for both the guinea pigs as a collective (we're avoiding pet stores and reducing the demand) and for ourselves (because it's heartbreaking to see the little guys). Rescue centres are definitely going to be my next port of call if I decide to give Bert & Ernie a new buddy! Thanks for reading up on it. :) I hope to see y'all around the site!