View Full Version : Can anyone recommend a vet in the North East?

08-31-05, 01:11 pm
Hi I was wondering if there was anyone from the north east if they could recommend a vet that is cavy savvy? I lurk the forum quite a lot and realise the importance of getting a vet that understands piggies if at all possible. No great emergency, just would like peace of mind! :)
ta in advance

Silva Fox
08-31-05, 03:33 pm
Hi I'm new here and have never posted before. I've only had my two boys for a few weeks and haven't been in a position to offer any advice!

However. as an idea in your search for a good vet... When I adopted my boys from our local RSPCA small animal centre I asked for the details of the vet they used. I am trusting that the RSPCA will be using a vet who knows about GPs!

Don't know if thats any help?

Silva Fox

09-04-05, 06:38 am
thats a good idea! I have a PDSA near me that might be able to help. thanks for the relpy :)

10-02-05, 12:05 pm
I've been in touch with Skooby over this and recommended a vet.
If anyone else is in our area and needs a good vet, pm me.

10-12-05, 01:10 pm
We have an excellent pig-friendly vet - the practice is called Wicstun Vets and is based in Pocklington, Market Weighton and South Cave in the East Riding of Yorkshire.

Hope this helps!