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09-21-13, 07:37 pm
Hello everyone,

I have found myself returning to this forum again and again so I figured I'd make an account so I can participate in your great discussions.

Like my bio says, I'm from New Mexico and am studying at the University of New Mexico, working on degrees in English Literature and Cinematic Arts. My fiance and I have 3 adorable, female, rescue guinea pigs. They are Buttercup, Bubbles, and Eevee. At this time, we have had Buttercup and Bubbles for 3 months and Eevee for a few weeks. We're pretty new to guinea pigs so I am looking forward to learning more about them! I hope to be able to add to this great forum and community as well as learn from it!

Also, if you have an Instagram, go follow my guinea pigs' account! It's @3cavypigs

Thanks guys!


From left to right, smallest to biggest:
Eevee, Buttercup, Bubbles

09-21-13, 08:12 pm
Welcome to the thread (: I'm from New Mexico to (:

09-21-13, 09:00 pm
Awesome! Glad to see another New Mexican here! :)