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09-21-13, 02:18 pm
hi everybody. I doubt anybody will read this but my name is Ryleisha and I have a guinea pig named Lily. (RyAndLily] , she's my very first Guinea pig but of course won't be my last..

I signed up here for answers to any kinda questions problems and stuff I had being that im kinda new to the piggy ownership flow and the old friend I had that had guinea pigs.. We no longer talk..

Lily :
I bought Lily from Pet Smart in Easton, MD. She's only .830 grams and not even one years of age yet. white, dark brown and light brown. I and took her to her very first vet visit cause of a large bald spot I found on her back and ear and a cut on her lip. She is the ONLY piggy in the cage. The vet said it was caused from stress and have me a lotion to rub on the spot twice a day. The spot started to clear and now it's getting worst and she's biting her hair off the spot now after I put on the lotion. Im not understanding how she is ripping her fur off?

09-21-13, 03:22 pm
Is she scratching a lot? If so, she may have mites, and will need treatment with ivermectin. It's probably a good idea to do that anyway, even if she isn't scratching, just because she came from a pet store and those pigs often have mites.

They also often have fungus or bacterial infections, which are treated completely differently. She may not be ripping the fur out, it may be coming out because of a skin infection.

Can you look at the lotion and tell us exactly what it is and what strength it is? The strength will be something like x% or .x% or x mg/ml.

And can you post a picture of the spots?

Also, if this is not an exotic vet, you need to look around and find one. Dog-and-cat vets get almost no training in caring for exotic pets, and you'll often just waste money on them and wind up having to the pig to another vet.

09-21-13, 03:35 pm
on the bottle, it says 1% and also 60ml . The label is kinda faded but I could make those two things out. And gimme a few mintues and I'll post a picture of the spot. And mites, when I went to the vet, they have her a needle for those in case that's what it was.

09-21-13, 03:52 pm
I don't know what a needle has to do with mites unless they're going to give her an injection of some kind.

The 1% is the strength of the solution, the 60 ml. is what what originally in the bottle, but what is the name of the medicine?

If you can, get clear pictures of the cut, the spot on her ear, and the spot on her back.