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09-20-13, 01:56 am
Hey. <y name is Alyssa and my pig's name is Simon. I just got him the other night, I rescued him in a sense. When I found him at a friend's he was sitting in a tiny tank in his own feces and urine for two months. There were little flys too living in there with him. Now he is going to see a vet because his eyes are bulging and he has two bald spots behind his ears. I am a new owner and I am a nervous wreck at the moment. Hopefully the vet will be a great help and Simon won't loose an eye or anything like that. I have my fingers crossed though. Joined this site to help me better understand pigs and how I can make him happy. I hope to have a picture up of him soon once he is all better. It's nice to meet everyone though and I plan to learn a lot.

09-20-13, 08:11 am
Most of the time, the bald spots behind the ears are completely normal. The bulging eyes could be a bit concerning! I would post pictures here, as many of our members could help as well as a good, cavy savvy veterinarian! I'm glad you are helping the poor thing and getting it the help that it needs. Are you looking to build it a C&C cage as well?

Side note, funny that we have the same name! Except mine is spelled Allissa!

09-20-13, 09:11 am
Good luck at the vet. I hope it's something that can easily be healed.

09-20-13, 11:02 am
All piggies have bald spots behind the ears! Unless it's inflamed, crusty, or looks abnormal in any way I wouldn't worry about it. See here: http://www.guinealynx.info/hairloss.html#baldspots

Poor little guy. It's great to hear that you've taken him from substandard conditions! If you're not visiting the vet until later, here's a useful article on eyes that might give you an indication towards what to prepare for: http://www.guinealynx.info/eyes.html. I hope that if he does have an issue, it's easily treated and fixed up. I'll keep my fingers crossed for you!

Having said all that, welcome to the site! ^_^ If you have any queries or concerns regarding the little guy you're definitely in the right place.

09-20-13, 09:24 pm
Thank you everyone. Simon has been a lot happier today. The vet said he was perfectly healthy and he gave me an ointment for his eyes and for the bald spot behind his ears. He told me to use it on the bald spots till they are no longer inflamed. The vet also thinks he is still an adolescent pig, but the eyes weren't due to an infection, he had irritation from the bedding they had been using for him since it was the incorrect bedding to begin with. He got his ointment though before we left the vet and later in the afternoon when my boyfriend got home, he let Simon run around the room that we have set up and he was popcorning. So I am figuring the ointment helped him.

Thank you for all the welcomes too. I hope to learn a lot and be a good owner to my little man. :)

09-20-13, 09:32 pm
I would love to build it a C&C cage. I got him a bigger cage for now, till I know more about the C&C cage. Thanks though and Simon is happier today. I like how yours is spelled it's pretty.

09-22-13, 04:36 am
Hi Alyssa! Welcome to the forum! What a great turn out from the vet visit, you must feel so happy seeing him popcorning and enjoying his life again with you :) C&C cages are great, I think the majority of users here have them. Some people that are more DIY-minded have repurposed all kinds of furniture items including bunk beds, and drawers into awesome guinea pig mansions (take a look at the forum picture gallery), so you might take some inspiration from those kinds of cages too! Guinea pigs are awesome little creatures, so look forward to the fun times you have ahead of you with your new little friend! :)