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09-19-13, 10:08 am
Hello everyone, I have recently bought a new c & c cage and looking to get a new Guinea Pig. My husband wants a white one and we have found this one from a local breeder but I'm very insure if he is lethal or not? Amy help would be great :)

09-19-13, 10:11 am
It appears to have some Himalayan coloring with it's dusty ears, feet and snout so it doesn't appear to be a pink or red eyed white (PEW). Are its eyes always partially closed?

09-19-13, 10:13 am
I don't know it's one I'm looking to buy I have asked for more photos but haven't had any so far. The lady selling them thinks its a abyss cross

09-19-13, 10:27 am
I would be blunt and ask for a picture of the teeth. It is going to be one of the first things you would examine in person. Along with the eyes. sex. and petting the body for no abcess/injuries.

I usually fall in love at first sight, and have to remind myself to examine and make sure of health.

09-19-13, 10:37 am
It's my husband I've got to remind haha I've asked for more pictures but still nothing, if I get nothing back I will just leave it and keep looking

09-19-13, 10:56 am
You'd be better off getting a rehomed guinea pig or one from a rescue. This is a pro adoption site. Buying from a breeder makes more room to breed more guinea pigs. There are so many in need of homes, it really makes more sense to get one that needs a home.

09-19-13, 11:42 am
Got my last 4 from a rescue centre just can't find a white one but I will just wait until one comes along I think :)

09-19-13, 11:55 am
Hey! It's always nice to see a fellow UK-goer around the site! ^_^

I'd certainly just hold on to see if a rescue center has any whites available, if that's what you're looking for! Since joining this site I've heard so many terrible things about breeders- enough to make me steer clear of them and pet shops completely. Good luck in your search, and welcome!