View Full Version : Found a new cage at Walmart

09-19-13, 07:48 am
A couple weeks ago I noticed Walmart had a New Guinea pig cage, and I must say: I am impressed. It measures 2'x4', made of wire sides linked together and a washable canvas type bottom that attaches to the sides.

i picked one up as it was relatively inexpensive, to check it out. I love it, I use it as a playpen while I'm cleaning the other cages and can take my piggies outside with it.

the only downfall about it, if one were to use it permanently is that the bottom is made out of a canvas material. I have yet to discover how it works if piggies are housed in it as a home. Its waterproof and washable.

Anyways, I just wanted to share as this seems like a viable option for those who cannot find supplies for C&C cages. It's the first guinea pig habitat that is the recommended size for piggies, inexpensive and portable if needed. You can even join 2 together to form a large L shaped home for more piggies.

It's made by MidWest cages, I'm Canadian and it cost $61.99 plus taxes, not too bad compared to other store bought cages that are double that to get anywhere near the size required.

09-19-13, 12:42 pm
You can get these cages online a few places like Petsmart and http://www.drsfostersmith.com (http://www.drsfostersmith.com/). Petco carries in store. It's great that some Walmarts will carry this cage as well, as it is much bigger than most other commercial guinea pig cages.

09-19-13, 01:11 pm
I am Canadian, first time I saw these cages :) I was unaware of their existence prior to seeing em at my local Walmart.
i was quite pleasantly surprised, I must admit. It's about time that the market actually sees something that is more suitable for guinea pigs size requirements. There was only the one, but on the box it shows how you can connect 2 or more cages together.
Just wanted to mention it for those who can't find C&C materials or even want something portable for play time, outside time as it folds up nice and neat, takes little storage room, and is great for a spare as it is relatively inexpensive.