View Full Version : Is this noise he's making normal?

09-18-13, 12:39 pm
He does this every day. But only when he is getting ready to sleep, but not every time . Once he goes to sleep, the noise stops.


09-18-13, 05:26 pm
I have never heard my rabbits make that noise. Rabbits are not very vocal I dont think. If this is new and never made it before maybe you should take him to the vet...just to be on the safe side.

09-18-13, 06:45 pm
I just found this on a vet reply forum.

"Expert:  Veterinarian101

Rabbits do occasionally make a whistling noise from their nose. It can sometimes be more obvious if they are stressed or have just been running around a lot.

If the whistle is not accompanied by any sneezing, crusting or discharge and the rabbit is eating fine then I would not be at all concerned. It make be heard occasionally from time to time and some rabbits, due to their individual nose structure are more likely to whistle than other rabbits."

He eats, drinks, poops, and plays fine. And he does it only for a few mins then it stops

09-18-13, 06:46 pm
I had a rabbit that made that noise but he also had a ton of nasal, eye and ears issues as a baby. My vet and I always assumed it was because something didn't grow properly in his nasal passages but never took the steps to confirm that thought. I would watch him very closely and if you notice anything else odd take him in.

09-18-13, 06:51 pm
Look for any snotty crust on the inside of the front paws. Rabbits hide illness well. If it is snuffles, your only option is antibiotics. Snuffles, unfortunately, is fatal in most cases.