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09-17-13, 02:10 pm
Hi all :) I'm new to this site my names Amanda I live in the Uk i currently have one piggie called bruce who is 1 i have had him since 6 weeks old I get him out everyday and pet him but he doesn't seem to be calm on my lap ? Also he is a little nipper at times any ideas on how to make him more calm and make him trust me ? I know that people say they way to a piggies heart is veggies/food but I have tried this any suggestions ,, I am in progress of making a c&c cage and getting him a friend what age would be best to get another guinea pig for him thank you

Swiss cheese
09-17-13, 02:33 pm
Hi Amanda!
Welcome to the forum! Bruce is so cute!
Your pig will be very happy getting a friend. I would suggest you get one approximately his age. Do you have any shelters nearby you could check out?
Chances are, Bruce will get braver when he's not by himself anymore. Pigs believe in safety in numbers!:)

09-17-13, 04:36 pm
Hi and welcome to the forum!
What an adorable piggy :) I have a Bruce too!
I bet Bruce is still just getting used to his new environment and depending on how much human interaction he was used to before you adopted him, this might be new to him as well. just be patient with him, he'll come around :) also, I would suggest that you put his cage in an area of your house/apartment with a lot of activity and you and your family around a lot so he gets used to all the noise and commotion and doesn't feel as lonely until you can get him a friend. though I'm pretty sure he's a happy piggy from the amount of time you seem to commit to him :) actually, our Bruce wasn't the biggest fan of lap time at first either, he would get bored after a few minutes and want to go on to the next adventure but over time he got more used to all of us and is now a lot calmer when it's lap time. I would also suggest that when he has floor time, sit down on the ground with him, that way he can come around you on his terms and in his time, sniff and nibble on you - and hopefully/probably count on getting a treat or two as a reward for coming around :)

I wish you all the best of luck with your piggy, your new cage project and the search for the perfect friend for Bruce!

09-17-13, 05:19 pm
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09-18-13, 08:19 am
Thanks Guys for the help and will take in all advice given to me :) and i am currently new to this forum thing and still learning LOL !

09-18-13, 08:30 am
Good luck! He is gorgeous.

09-18-13, 10:36 am
I think everyone have covered your questions, so i'm just going to say welcome to the forum! ^_^