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09-17-13, 11:25 am
I moved to Sweden earlier this year, I get my piggies early October.

I saw that in this section in the thread for Norway people were using IKEA's classic billy bookcase instead of c&c, i love that idea!

Does anyone know any good products/food that i should get that are available in Scandinavia? :?: There is a lot of food in my bigger local pet shop, but i couldn't find a nice igloo for a house.

Any help is appreciated :)

09-17-13, 02:07 pm
Welcome to the forum! :) We would love to see pigtures of your piggies!
I can't help with specific Scandinavian products, but adult guinea pigs should be fed a plain, timothy based pellet. (You don't want colored bits, seeds, nuts, or dried fruit.)
Another option that you can use instead of a hidey house is a fleece forest. Here are some links explaining how to make them: http://www.guineapigcages.com/forum/threads/67935-Easy-Fleece-Forest http://www.guineapigcages.com/forum/threads/59489-Cage-Fleece-Forest I'm not sure if you can get grids in Norway, but perhaps you could use closet shelving or something similar to hang the fleece off of. I am also a big fan of tunnels. My guinea pigs love to run through them!

09-17-13, 05:21 pm
thank you! I have posted pictures in the introductions page if you wanna see them :)
And that idea is so good, i saw something like it before one my research of stuff, i was thinking of doing tassles of fleece down the side of the higher level so they can go under it and hide! I have a tunnel with a whole bunch of stuff on the way in the post!

09-17-13, 05:27 pm
Welcome to the forum. :)

HannibalLecter lives in Sweden, she might be able to help you out.

09-18-13, 12:39 am
Welcome! I rarely see any fellow swedes here anymore, where in Sweden are you? :)

Many vets sell Oxbow which is one of the few acceptable brands here, but I would also recommend JR farm which you can get online.
Swedish website:
http://www.zooplus.se/shop/gnagare_smadjur/foder_gnagare_smadjur/marsvinsfoder/jr_farm/278501 (http://www.zooplus.se/shop/gnagare_smadjur/foder_gnagare_smadjur/marsvinsfoder/jr_farm/278501)
German website in english (both ship from germany):

Zooplus also have really nice hidey houses which I highly recommend, especially as they have two entrances which ensures that no pig is trapped by the other, and they are safe to chew/eat:

Where are you getting your new piggies from? You want to avoid breeders & pet stores completely, there are many homeless pigs in need of homes & breeders just contribute to the abusive cycle. We have two good guinea pig rescues here, one in Göteborg called "Eragons Marsvin", and one in Stockholm called "Marsvinshjälpen", I can give you their email addresses if needed. Otherwise you can find many pigs on blocket.se in need of homes (Similar to craigslist).

09-18-13, 06:37 am
Hello! I live in Jonkoping, and you?

Thanks for your links, i like those houses. And i will look into getting some JR Farm, i wonder if they would send me a sample?

I actually tried all of blocket who were near me, and got no replies, then i joined a swedish marsvin group on facebook and said i am looking to adopt and i had someone message me, she isn't a breeder as such i don't think but she wanted to sell some new babies. She lives in Solberga in case you might know of her. I will be getting two babies and a 1 year old sows.

I kept going to the two pet shops in my city and neither of them had any guinea pigs, i thought it was strange coming from england where my local pet shop has like 20 of them ready to go. But the pet shop said they don't like getting them from breeders as they have mites i think, so they don't get many.