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09-17-13, 09:14 am
Hi everyone, I am Laura!

I am very very excited to be getting my piggies in a few weeks... It seems like I have had to wait ages and still have ages left!

I am getting 3 girls, 1 who is already 1 year old, and two babies who were born the 28th August (which is also my boyfriends birthday!). All of them are currently together with each other with the breeder so I hope that they will get on ok with each other.

The 1 year old is not as friendly as she could be as the breeder said unfortunately she doesn't have the time to spend with each pig like she would like, so she will need some coaxing.

This is the 1 year old, currently named Babsan. I want to try and change it to Bubsy, a little cuter and kind of similar so she can recognise it?
http://i1153.photobucket.com/albums/p515/mrsw0nka/pig_zps73d49af1.jpg (http://s1153.photobucket.com/user/mrsw0nka/media/pig_zps73d49af1.jpg.html)

This i think is gonna be Ursula, an abyssionion? (can't spell it?)
http://i1153.photobucket.com/albums/p515/mrsw0nka/piggg_zps88b93267.jpg (http://s1153.photobucket.com/user/mrsw0nka/media/piggg_zps88b93267.jpg.html)

And Kiara, anyone know what breed she is?
http://i1153.photobucket.com/albums/p515/mrsw0nka/pigg_zps9b7f974d.jpg (http://s1153.photobucket.com/user/mrsw0nka/media/pigg_zps9b7f974d.jpg.html)

I do not have a fancy c&c cage, maybe one day. But I am making a higher level in mine with ramps, I think it's going to be pretty fun for them. I am going to use fleece and have one section for bedding/hay where they will hopefully go to the toilet. I have been doing a huge amount of research about everything, I swear even more than I did when I was at university! hahalol

09-17-13, 09:53 am
Looks like Kiara may be a teddy bear, but I'm no expert... I have a teddy but his hair is not quite as long as hers appears to be. Cute babies for sure! Good luck!

09-17-13, 10:03 am
welcome to the forum! very cute piggies! :) Bubsy looks like the female version of my boy Arthur, except the white fuss on the top of his head is longer and more dominant and he has patches of a darker shade of the main color on his body intermixed with the lighter one :D

09-18-13, 08:27 am

I have had suggestions that Kiara could be a teddy or even a texel. I wouldn't mind her to be texel i think they are adorable. I will ask the owner more questions when i pick them up, I can't keep emailing her all the time haha

and MommaOfFour, your Arthur sounds handsome!

09-18-13, 08:42 am
Looks like Kiara may be a teddy bear, but I'm no expert.

The teddy bear is a type of hamster, not a guinea pig. The similar breed in guinea pigs is a teddy. Kiara isn't a teddy. She does look more like a texel. They are still very young so it will be more clear once they get bigger and their hair starts getting longer.

If they will all be in the same cage, please make sure it is large enough to prevent squabbles. For 3 females, it should be at least 10.5 sq ft. main level (upper levels or lofts don't count toward sq footage).

They're all very cute. Yes Ursula (great name!) is an Abyssinian. I love Babsan's coloring!

09-18-13, 10:34 am
OH MY GOODNESSS! Babsan face is soooo cute! <3 <3 <3 I want to steal her!

Haha... Anyway, weclome to the forum! :D I'm sure you will like it here and learn even more about guinea pigs! I defiantly did!
And I agree with CavyMama, Kiara looks like a texel. :)

09-18-13, 12:32 pm
Thanks for the tips CavyMama, I am sure i will post an update when I actually pick up my piggies. The photo I used was one from the owner when they were only a couple of days old!

My cage is currently 100cmx60cm, but i am going to get another one of the same cage and link them with a ramp so they can run through easily.

Not many people i have told like the name Ursula! But i think it kinda suits her with all that hair.

And Babsan is so sweet i know, i hope i can tame her. I am in love with them all and i haven't got them yet! <3

09-18-13, 03:27 pm

They're adorable but are there no rescues or shelters where you live? Am just wondering if you could start off by adopting some homeless guinea pigs instead of buying them off a breeder.

The cage you have is only 6.4 sq ft but two of them together will be enough. (:

(Moderator's note: 6.4 sq ft is not enough for one pig, much less two.)

09-18-13, 04:02 pm
They're very cute, but I think you're going to have problems with those cages. Pigs need room to run, and two cages with a ramp between the doors not only doesn't give them much room to do that, but it provides a place for one pig to block the others from food and water, unless you plan to have a kitchen in each cage. Before you commit yourself to that arrangement, I'd suggest that you take a look through the photo galleries and see if you can't come up with a more open floor plan.

C&C cages don't have to be fancy -- you can get grids for a pretty large cage for about $20, and use a shower curtain instead of coroplast if you want. You can make or buy a much larger C&C cage than you'd get for the same amount of money on two store-bought cages.

09-18-13, 06:22 pm
Kiara looks like a Texel to me. So check her belly and look for ringlets/curls. They should be more developed on her belly, as that hair is not going to grow as long. Also when you are checking for belly ringlets, you can mist your hand with water and rub it on the belly to really see the ringlets.

09-18-13, 06:24 pm
Oh! I didn't see that you had not yet gotten the pigs. I thought the pics meant you already brought them home. Yes, adoption is the way to go. So many guinea pigs are in need of homes. If you tell us your zip code, we can help to find a shelter or rescue near you where you can give a home to pigs in need of a home.

09-21-13, 08:45 am
Kiara looks like a Texel - her hair will grow very long and need lots of brushing and trimming when she gets older.
There are so many unwanted guinea pigs out there, I would see if there are any rescues around. If not, look on websites like Craigslist, Guinea Pig Zone and Petfinder and there will probably be some in your area.
The cage should be at least 10.5sq ft for 3 piggies - this should all be on one level - ramps may sound fun for the pigs but in reality they MUCH prefer flat space.

09-22-13, 07:19 am
If you are going to get a texel, they need a lot of care! They are prone to tangles by the legs and underbelly (any sticky bedding). If they are with a partner pig, the other pig might help keep the hair short by nibbling it.

It also seems that there will be very different advice on how to take care of the curls. Europe show the Texel with it's hair brushed out. America shows the hair in curl, and if the hair has been combed, it is misted with water to go back in a ringlet. (Not allowed to be wet or damp during showing) No cutting or any other "manipulation" is allowed.

09-22-13, 08:10 am
She lives in Sweden so knowing her zip code and giving her info about Petfinder and Craigslist won't help. If there's anyone else from Sweden on here, they might be able to direct her to places where she can find guinea pigs that are being rehomed.

09-22-13, 08:37 am
Hej igen,

Yep i moved to sweden this year. I am in contact with the lady i am getting the pigs from she is very helpful. About trying to rehome some pigs, i tried! I contacted everyone under the sun who had ads online who lived in my area, even up to an hour to two away. And nobody replied. Then i got a message from the lady who had a litter which is where i am getting my girls from. I still have had no late replies from the people i emailed.

When i go and pick up the pigs i will get some more info on where she gets her food and hay etc, there are a lot of farms around where i can get fresh hay from which is good!

If little Kiara is a Texel, I do like them they are cute! I will find a good piggie brush and take care of her hair. Hopefully they will settle in ok, they are used to being handled so i hope they won't be too frightened when they first arrive. How long should i wait to bathe them? And i read they should be bathed a couple of times a year, depending on how dirty they get i suppose? And i should brush the long haired ones daily?

09-22-13, 01:31 pm
Hi Laura! Your piggies look so cute, Bubsy is almost identical to my guinea pig Lola :) Ive had guinea pigs for a long time but I've only recently found out about people using fleece, C&C cages etc. I didnt realise there was so much for them haha. Hope you enjoy your little piggies when you get them, they are amazing!

09-23-13, 07:30 am
If you can try and bring some of the food and water the pigs have been eating and drinking home with you. Find out if the pigs have been drinking from a water bottle. (Some small animals hate drinking from a water bottle. Some have bloated themselves with air in the gut. (vet bill))

Good luck with your new babies!

10-07-13, 01:46 pm
i have had new pictures from the owner, and she is keeping them another week as one of the babies had a skin problem... it seems to have cleared up but she wants to keep them a little longer to make sure.
here is Ursulahttp://i1153.photobucket.com/albums/p515/mrsw0nka/1381344_10201544396985512_1877736458_n_zps63c1659f .jpg (http://s1153.photobucket.com/user/mrsw0nka/media/1381344_10201544396985512_1877736458_n_zps63c1659f .jpg.html)

and Kiara http://i1153.photobucket.com/albums/p515/mrsw0nka/1379277_10201544397105515_1335755968_n_zps3a4b5d48 .jpg (http://s1153.photobucket.com/user/mrsw0nka/media/1379277_10201544397105515_1335755968_n_zps3a4b5d48 .jpg.html)
http://i1153.photobucket.com/albums/p515/mrsw0nka/1384040_10201544397065514_1446269278_n_zpse74ab151 .jpg (http://s1153.photobucket.com/user/mrsw0nka/media/1384040_10201544397065514_1446269278_n_zpse74ab151 .jpg.html)

10-07-13, 01:58 pm
Her cages look horrendous! OMGOODNESS! The chicken wire can be very dangerous, it is very easy to cut yourself on it!

10-07-13, 02:06 pm
Her cages look horrendous! OMGOODNESS! The chicken wire can be very dangerous, it is very easy to cut yourself on it!
Oh yeah i hadn't even looked behind much! I will hopefully get to see what its like when i go and pick them up soon. All her piggies from the photos i have seen look very looked after though

10-22-13, 10:36 am
Did you ever get your piggies?

10-22-13, 11:59 am
Did you ever get your piggies?
Yes i did <3 i posted a thread with an update here http://www.guineapigcages.com/forum/threads/93261-Got-my-piggies! they are so sweet